• Rick Ware Racing Wins Asian Le Mans Series Championship, Gains 24 hours of Le Mans Entry

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    For immediate Release
    March 5, 2020 (Thomasville, NC) – Rick Ware Racing has started the 2020 year off by accomplishing feats many teams only dream of. On the same weekend the team finished fourth at the famed Daytona 500 in the 2020 NASCAR Cup Series, the team was securing its 2019-2020 Asian Le Mans Series championship with a 1-2 result in the LMP2-AM category at Sepang International Circuit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    In the end, Rick Ware Racing would finished first and second in the LMP2-AM championship, securing the coveted invite to the 2020 24 hours of Le Mans in the LMP2 category. Additionally team driver Cody Ware took home the LMP2-AM category Drivers Championship, with his co-driver, 16 year old Gustas Grinbergas receiving Rookie of the Year honors. Rick Ware Racing owns the distinction of having the youngest ever Rookie of the Year in both NASCAR Xfinity Series and Asian Le Mans Series history.

    Rick Ware Racing is currently negotiating with drivers for the 24 hours of Le Mans, so stay tuned as announcements are made. Additionally the program will announce it’s final driving lineup for the IMSA WeatherTech program shortly before making their GTD debut at the Acura Grand Prix of Long Beach on April 18, 2020.

    For up-to-date information on Rick Ware Racing and sponsorship opportunities, visit or follow along on social media; Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

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  • Rick Ware Racing Focuses Resources on Asian Championship

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    On January 20, 2020 • By

    For immediate Release
    January 20, 2020 (Thomasville, NC) – Following Rick Ware Racings dominant 1-2 finish in the LMP2-AM category of the latest round of the 2019-2020 Asian Le Mans Series at The Bend, RWR now leads the points championship in category. The championship is extremely important to RWR’s expansion goals for 2020 as the winner of the Asian Le Mans Series LMP2-AM Championship receives the coveted automatic invite to the 2020 24 hours of Le Mans.

    With regret, and due in large part to circumstances outside the teams control regarding driver combination and the funding required to be competitive at the top of the class, RWR is withdrawing from this weeks Rolex 24 hours of Daytona. The team is not willing to compromise the overall season goals to show up with any intention other than to be prepared to come out on top.

    As evidenced by our program in Asia, RWR intends to arrive armed with the tools necessary to win. The right combination of drivers, crew and of course funding are needed to compete at the LMP2 level. With a fully freshened LMP2 prototype at the ready, the team will now focus all of its resources on Asian championship and getting the LMP2 ready for Le Mans, should that opportunity arise.

    In addition to a full slate on the sportscar front, Rick Ware Racing is preparing four cars to run in the upcoming Daytona 500 in the NASCAR Cup Series, with three of those four running for the full season.

    All is not lost on the IMSA front as major news is coming that will see a full time entry in the WeatherTech championship post Daytona to be announced in the coming weeks. This would be in addition to the full season Lamborghini Super Trofeo season after the team took delivery of its Lamborghini Huracan EVO this past week, and will begin the testing program for the 2020 season in short order.

    For up-to-date information on Rick Ware Racing and sponsorship opportunities, visit or follow along on social media; FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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  • Rick Ware Racing Expands into Sportscar Racing

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    For immediate Release
    August 9, 2019 (Thomasville, NC) – Rick Ware Racing is excited to announce expansion into the sportscar racing world with a full time prototype effort that will debut in the Asian Le Mans Series (ALMS) at the 4 hours of Shanghai on November 22-24, 2019.  RWR will campaign two Ligier JSP2 prototypes in the P2-AM category for the full four-race championship in an effort to secure the coveted 24 hour of Le Mans entry.  Additionally, RWR will also campaign a P2 prototype in the 2020 IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship.

    Rick Ware has worked tirelessly to build a program his team, drivers and sponsors alike can be proud of, and this expansion will only continue those efforts.  “As RWR prepares for its 30th year in motorsports in 2020, I look forward to expanding and growing the brand and the business model. RWR has had success in the past at the Daytona 24 and IMSA with GT cars as well as Lamborghini Super Trofeo.” Ware continues; “As our sponsors crave even more social media and content, as well as hospitality, the road racing has become very justifiable. We are excited to transition many of our NASCAR Monster Energy Cup sponsors, as well as cultivate new ones. Between the two I feel like RWR is covering the complete spectrum of demographics and potential sponsor needs. We have run many drivers from overseas in the past, but with the interest of the Asian Le Mans Series I believe it will be the catalyst for continuing our open door policy for drivers and sponsors to also be part of the NASCAR model. One of my personal dreams has always been to get to Le Mans, and the ALMS is the first step. It will also help in the learning curve as we prepare for IMSA and the LMP2 series here in the States. RWR will be building content and entertaining sponsors in over 100 races between NASCAR CUP, XFINITY, IMSA LMP2 and ALMS in 2020.”

    Ware is equally as excited about the championship winning personnel he’s secured within the program. “I am excited to have Antonio Ferrari head up my program for 2019-2020 in Asia as well as Le Mans. 30 plus years of road racing experience in the US, Europe as well as the INDY 500. As we grow the brand we need people like Antonio who are hard core racers and has had so much success.” Rick adds “we have brought in Eric Burch (from P1) full time to head up management for RWR world-wide. With Eric’s experience at every major venue around the globe, he is important in helping secure drivers, logistics and working with sponsors and our marketing on the NASCAR side.  In addition to the right caliber of staff, I wanted to roll out our first season with the right inventory of equipment, and Jacques Nicolet from Ligier Automotive has been great to work with from the start. The long standing relationship with he and Antonio makes it even better. RWR is excited to grow our clientele base and continue to be a value for companies in the US and now beyond…. now if we could just get 8 days in a week!”

    Newly hired General Manager of RWR world-wide operations, Eric Burch; who also owns and operates P1 Groupe, Inc., a motorsports company that has produced championship combinations for its team and driver clients all over the globe, had to hit the ground running.  Burch immediately tabbed Antonio Ferrari for the role of Team Manager, and secured the agreement with Ligier to obtain the 2018 and 2017 ALMS Championship Winning cars for its maiden season. “I appreciate Ricks trust in my abilities to run a championship caliber program.  I’ll be pulling double duty as I’ll also be running P1 Groupe, but understand my ability to secure the right driving lineup that can win the championship for RWR and get to Le Mans and beyond is of the highest priority,” commented Burch. “We collectively believe this is the start of something great for RWR, for drivers to have the ability to cross over between disciplines and for sponsors to easily expand their reach globally.”

    Ferrari has a 30-year history in the sport that consists of 810 races, 228 wins, 214 poles, 15 Team Titles and 21 Drivers Championships won.  “The entire Eurointernational Team is excited to begin a global partnership with RWR. The association with a NASCAR Monster Energy Cup brings new and important programs going forward. ” said Antonio Ferrari , CEO of Eurointernational Group “Thank you to Rick Ware Racing, P1 Groupe and Ligier Automotive for the opportunity to take on the challenge in winning the ALMS P2 AM category and getting to Le Mans in 2020”.

    Team driver Cody Ware will be a fixture within this program, and cannot wait to get behind the wheel as he starts his own transition from stock car to fulltime sports car racing.  “I am beyond words to be entering the 2019/2020 Asian Le Mans series championship alongside Antonio Ferrari with Ligier in one of their LMP2 cars. Making the step into the international racing scene has been a dream of mine since I was young. To get the opportunity to work with Antonio and learn from him with all his success and knowledge really has me confident in building a future overseas. Driving in a prototype will be far from what I am familiar with the past few years in NASCAR, but I am at ease knowing that I will be working with one of the best in prototype racing and am confident in the success to come.”

    For more information on the Asian Le Mans Series, visit their website at For up-to-date information on Rick Ware Racing and sponsorship opportunities, visit or follow along on social media; FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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  • P1 Groupe Partners with Dallara USA

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    On April 30, 2019 • By

    P1 Groupe is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Dallara USA.  P1’s driver clients will be able to purchase time on Dallara’s Professional D3 Driving Simulator, which is specifically designed for GT drivers to aid as a driver training tool.  The simulator has a full immersion, 180 degree, 12-megapixel screen, 3,500-watt surround sound and real GT monocoque with necessary controls and features that can generate up to 2.5 G-Froces at peak acceleration.  The Dallara Simulator delivers a unique learning experience that allows you to fine tune your driving skills like no other.

    You’ll be driving a generic GT chassis mockup, similar to what you’d drive in the real world, with similar driver controls (pedals, brake bias, dash, etc.) complimentary to the level of feedback (steering and brake effort) received. A radio-equipped helmet is available, as well as gloves, shoes and other proper attire to fit the car’s needs. You’ll learn the characteristics of the tracks in a precise environment with unprecedented accuracy. With propriety laser-scan processing technology, you will feel be able to feel the fully modeled roughness of the bumps and curbs of each track.

    With over 85+ laser scanned tracks – including all IMSA coursesthe Dallara Simulator lets you prepare for qualifying and race day based on track characteristics and weather conditions for your next race! You’ll find the same data channels in the simulator as you would on the real car, but with even greater accuracy. This GT model has been validated through intense R&D methods to reduce the gap between aerodynamic results and real-life.

    Whether you’re just getting started in racing, or looking to fine tune your skills as a seasoned professional, having time on a simulator of this caliber will take your driving to the next level. P1 can also walk you through the process of getting with a professional team in a professional racing series to best show off your talents behind the wheel.

    Get on track with P1!

    See the Dallara Simulator here:

    For more information, visit: or

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  • P1 Corsa powered by P1 Groupe

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    On April 16, 2019 • By

    P1 Groupe was founded in 2006 to provide various services to both professional race teams and drivers in the motorsports industry around the globe. This has led to countless wins, podiums and championships in top sports car series for P1’s clients. P1’s Founder and President, Eric Burch, has been in the professional motorsports industry since 1999.

    As a byproduct of the resources at P1’s disposal, many in the industry began inquiring about the ability to assist in the selling and liquidation of assets such as racecars, equipment, and race transporters. After some success in moving assets on behalf of their clients, P1 Groupe saw the need to open a new division called P1 Corsa.

    P1 Corsa, Powered by P1 Groupe, is their asset sales division with a complete focus on assisting their motorsports clients to move on from existing equipment to make room for new assets. P1 features vintage and current specification turn-key racecars from top brands such as Lamborghini, Ferrari, Porsche and many more.

    Whether you’re just getting started in racing, looking to upgrade your existing track day car, or get on track in one of the top professional racing series around the globe, P1 is able to source your next racecar, sell your existing machine and even walk you through the process of getting with a professional team in a professional racing series to best show off your talents behind the wheel.

    Get on track with P1 Corsa!

    For more information, visit: or

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  • Grand Prix of Texas Race Review-Precision Driving

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    On March 29, 2018 • By

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: March 29, 2018

    This past weekend at Circuit of the America’s marked the first event of the 2018 Pirelli World Challenge (PWC) Sprint X championship.  The Sarasota-based Precision Driving team will be doing both the Sprint and Sprint X championships this season in their new BMW M4 GT4 for the GTS category in addition to their tried and true Ferrari 458 in GT Cup.

    Team Owner and driver Marko Radisic is sharing driving duties with former Radical Cup driver David Roberts in both cars this season in the duo’s efforts to bring home double championships in the Am-Am division of each category.  Radisic is looking to follow up on a strong showing in the 2017 Sprint X championship, while Roberts made his series debut.

    The weekend started out in normal fashion, dialing in both cars on scrubbed tires to focus on the overall race-ability of each car.  The Ferrari encountered a rare alternator issue, and with no replacement to be sourced, the team focused their efforts on the BMW.

    Radisic would qualify the car for Saturday’s race in the 14th starting position.  With multiple yellow flags to start the race and some swift reactions to stay out of the fray, Marko only had a handful of green flag laps to pick up positions before turning the car over to David.  David settled in during his first PWC event and took the checkered flag in 13th position.  The pairing showed enough pace during the race to be 6th place on the starting grid in race two on Sunday.

    This time Roberts would make the start; losing nine positions early as he was forced wide into the grass during the second green flag lap to miss getting caught up in an incident.  Upon gathering up his GTS machine, he started reclaiming those lost positions, and by the time he turned the car over to Radisic, was back into 7th position.  Marko picked up where David left off and the duo would finish race two under caution in 5th position in Am-Am and 16th overall for a strong points day for the pair. Team had pace on position cars just ahead for a podium had the yellow flag not ended the race.

    “After so much carnage that took place on the race weekend, I’m just thankful David and I were able to bring it back in one piece” Radisic states.  Of his debut, Roberts reflects, “This was my World Challenge debut, but I’ve also never raced at COTA, which was a very different circuit for me.  I really enjoy working with the Precision Driving team and building that chemistry.  The M4 GT4 is a great car with a lot of mechanical grip, and really look forward to what the season can bring there.  For the Ferrari, who doesn’t want to drive a Ferrari?!”

    In addition to his driving duties, David Roberts is also a professional MMA fighter with his next bout in the CXF 12: Burbank Beatdown on April 21st at 7:00 pm PT.  Fans can watch live at

    Broadcast of the Grand Prix of Texas will be on CBS Sports Network on April 5th, 2018 at 8:00 pm ET.

    For more information, visit or

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  • Racers Edge Motorsports Enters California 8-Hours

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    On July 10, 2017 • By

    For immediate release –  July 10, 2017

    Racers Edge Motorsports, championship winning race team and the North American Distributor for SIN CARS, announced today it will enter two SIN R1 GT4 machines in the California 8-Hours at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca on October 14-15. The event is part of the Intercontinental GT Challenge, organized by the SRO Motorsports Group with assistance for this North American round by the Pirelli World Challenge Series. For driver line-ups, each GT4 entry will be required to have three drivers, with a maximum of one Gold (or Platinum) and a minimum of one Bronze rated driver, allowing for multiple combinations of competitive line-ups. This should be one cool event!

    GT4 class cars are relatively new to North American competition, so many GT4 teams have yet to participate in events this long. None the less, many of the GT4 cars themselves have already been severely tested this way in Europe, as there they routinely enter endurance races of all durations, including 24-hour events. Racers Edge Motorsports has been fielding race cars for over 27 years and has extensive experience in endurance sports car racing, including seven Rolex 24 Hour races at Daytona.

    For the Racers Edge team, the lure of fielding a pair of SIN R1 racers in this inaugural event was really strong. As Team Manager Jon Mirachi explained; “The opportunity to run the SIN R1 GT4 in longer races just has immense appeal for us. The SIN has racked up seven wins in Pirelli World Challenge competition, so it’s proven to be a competitive GT4 machine. Additionally, the cars are over-built and with power steering, ABS and traction control, should be well suited to longer races. Combine our endurance racing background with the success of the SIN in sprint races, and we really look forward to competing in an 8-Hour race at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca!”

    The team is currently seeking funded drivers interested in taking part in this exciting International Event and those interested should contact Eric Burch at the P1 Groupe.

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  • Rebel Rock Kicks off 2017 at Daytona, Three Cars, Three Rolex 24 Winners

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    On January 25, 2017 • By

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: January 25, 2017– The Rebel Rock Racing team heads to Daytona International Speedway for the first round of the 2017 Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge Series (CTSC) season loaded with talent both over the wall and behind the wheel.  Daytona will mark the first occasion the team will take the green flag with three Porsche Cayman Street Tuner (ST) class machines for the inaugural 4-hour endurance event.  Each of those entries will feature star power with drivers that have won the famed Rolex 24 hours of Daytona.  Additionally, the team has added top crew members to each car that hail from some of the top teams in sportscar racing today, with an impressive win list to their collective credit.

    The #6 HPS Jardine/ entry will have CTSC newcomer Trevor Knight of Windsor, England share driving duties with sportscar veteran Shane Lewis.  The #8 Urban Grid Cayman will feature David Roberts of Los Angeles, CA bringing his winning history over from the Radical series to make his CTSC debut at Daytona with Rolex watch barer, Dion von Moltke, for the season.  The #22 Esmark Steel Group/PPG/Wright Automotive Group entry will strap up-and-coming driver Kris Wright behind the wheel with the third Rolex 24 winner Leh Keen.


    Tony Jardine, Chairman, HPS Jardine: “We are delighted to support Trevor at such a prestigious event in the US, his enthusiasm and commitment should prove a valuable combination on this tough but famous venue.”

    Shane Lewis: “It’s Daytona!  How could I not be excited to jump in a Porsche at the World Center of Racing!  I’m looking forward to joining my friend Trevor behind the wheel of the Rebel Rock Racing Porsche Cayman.  I think the team assembled a strong crew, and across each of the three cars, think it’s as strong a driving lineup as there is in the ST paddock. I have six wins in the Continental series over the years, including one of those at Daytona, and I’d love to add another win to that list.”

    David Roberts: “Racing at Daytona has always been a dream of mine, I can’t believe it is finally happening! I am extremely happy to be with such a great organization, all the guys at Rebel Rock Racing are fueled with passion and I’m confident in our entire team. I have a lot to learn and I couldn’t be happier with the foundation that is around me. My teammate and co-driver, Dion von Moltke, is a talented driver. I think we make excellent teammates, there is already great chemistry between us just from one test day.

    I am looking forward to a successful year, developing as a person, race car driver, teammate, and bringing in positive vibes along with wins for the Rebel Rock Racing team. I am thankful to Eric Burch of P1 Groupe for setting up the opportunity, I am thankful to Ed Hall for running our program, and of course the team owners Frank DePew and Tom FitzGerald.”

    Dion von Moltke: “I can’t wait to get to Daytona and get to work with Rebel Rock Racing and David!  We had our first test together last week and I was really impressed with the group of guys our team manager, Ed Hall, has been able to put together.  The Continental series has some tough competition and we will really need to bring our best to compete for wins this year, but I’m confident we have the right people in place to get there.

    David came to our test and had the perfect attitude, hopped in the car for the first time and was on pace right away.  I was really impressed with how he carried himself and his abilities in the car.  I think we will work great together, and I can’t wait to see how he progresses in his first pro racing season!  It has been 8 years since I was consistently in the Continental series, and I missed racing there.  Some of my favorite racing memories are still from my time there, I hope we can kick off the year strong and continue to improve as a team throughout the year!”

    Kris Wright: “I’m very excited to be driving with Leh as well as Rebel Rock. I have worked with a few guys on the team in the past and I feel very confident in their ability to execute.”

    Leh Keen: “Really happy to be heading south at the end of January. Excited for the change of pace and new adventure in my career. We had a good test and I got to know Kris well and saw his skill in the car. So really looking forward to getting out there and running bumper to bumper in the ST class especially in a Porsche. I think we will be very strong and looking for a podium or a win for sure.

    The BMW Endurance Challenge at Daytona kicks off with practice on Thursday, January 26th at 9:00 a.m. EST.  The green flag will drop for the start of the race on Friday, January 27th, at 12:15 p.m. EST.  The event will be covered live on, with tape delayed broadcast on Fox Sports 1 on Saturday, February 11th at 11:30 a.m.

    For more information, visit, for sponsor information, visit:,,,,,,,, and  Follow us on Facebook:

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  • Official Partnership

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    On December 8, 2016 • By

    Ice Driving Canada and P1 Groupe are proud to announce their partnership. Ice Driving Canada will be offering P1 Groupe clients its high-performance ice driving programs both for individual and groups that are unique in North America.

    Ice driving is an excellent way for drivers to improve their car control in any grip level situations and a great team building & sponsor appreciation activity. Ice Driving Canada is located in Ste-Agathe-des-Monts, Quebec only one-hour drive from the Montreal international airport and the same distance from Mont-Tremblant International Airport, participants are coming from all around the world to live that unique experience.

    “I have known Eric for quite some time and have the outmost respect for what he has accomplished with P1 Groupe. I am sure that his customers will benefit and enjoy what we have to offer which is quite unique”, says Jean-Sebastien Sauriol, President of Ice Driving Canada.

    P1 Groupe, Inc. just celebrated their 10-year anniversary a few weeks ago.  The company provides Driver Placement, Public Relations, Media and Hospitality services to the professional motor sports industry, and has catered to hundreds of drivers from all over the world from Daytona to Dubai.

    Eric Burch, President of P1 Groupe states, “Jean-Sebastien approached me a while back about his program, and was immediately interested in partnering with him to ensure the long term success of both our companies.  I feel our businesses compliment each other very well, and am looking forward to getting started with his next round of courses.”

    For complete information about us, please visit our website or respectfully.

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  • P1 Groupe Celebrates 10-years

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    On November 14, 2016 • By

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 14, 2016 P1 Groupe, Inc. (P1) was started on this day in 2006 by partners Eric Burch and Jeff Easterling to provide the motor sports industry much needed services such as Driver Management, Driver Placement for funded drivers, public relations/media, and at-track hospitality for VIP clients.  Easterling has moved on to a successful career in the gaming industry, but remains an important part of the fabric that has made P1 Groupe what it is today.

    During the past decade P1 Groupe has had the pleasure to work with some of the top professional drivers in NASCAR through the sports car racing ranks.  P1 has placed hundreds of drivers from all over the world into events ranging from the Daytona 500 to the 24 hour races at Le Mans, Daytona, Dubai and many more.  P1 takes great pride when drivers and teams we’ve supported achieve success on and off the race track.

    On the track, P1 drivers have taken countless podium finishes, race wins and series championships.  Off the track, the unique client hospitality program catering to our clients’ corporate partners, have achieved amazing Return on Investment (ROI).  That ROI is what allows those companies to justify their marketing spend to make the racing wheels go around, year after year.  Additionally, P1 is equally proud of the various Business-to-Business relationships that have been created during that time to drive funding back into the sport.

    “I’m humbled by the results we’ve achieved during the past decade.”  P1 Groupe President Eric Burch states, “The relationships created, and the lives we’ve touched over the years.  The careers of up-and-coming drivers that are now paid professionals, and the funded drivers that looked to us to protect their interests.  The camaraderie we experience in the paddock each race weekend is second to none, and that means more than any trophy hoisted or champagne sprayed.”

    P1 Groupe would like to thank all the various staff members that have played a role, no matter how large or small, in our success during the past decade.  As well, we want to thank all the drivers that have entrusted their careers and sponsors to P1 to put them in position to achieve success.

    We’re looking forward to what the next 10-years has in store for P1 Groupe and our clientele.  If you’re a driver looking for guidance, protecting the interests of your financial backers, or just looking to broaden your image within the sport, we look forward to working with you.

    From all of us at P1 Groupe, to all of  you that we’ve had the fortune to work with, Thank you!

    For more information, visit  Follow us on Twitter: @P1Groupe

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