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  • Swiss Sunglass Company Exalt Cycle and P1 Groupe Form Partnership

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    On October 2, 2012 • By

    Swiss based but Italian at heart Sun and Eyeglass Company Exalt Cycle has signed P1 Groupe to become the brand’s American Distributor. This will be Exalt Cycle’s second term being present in the States after the first one albeit short, was very successful, and with the wealth of contacts and opportunities P1 Groupe has created over its 5 years of operation, the partnership between the two companies creates an even greater winning position for everyone involved. Having an avenue to market and sell the sun and eyeglasses utilizing motorsports to promote the brand, is one of the many reasons why P1 Groupe earned this position. Other reasons include the company’s professional demeanor, sales techniques and ability to market any product. Being a respected company with a number of clients within different racing series, Exalt Cycle Sun and Eyeglasses will be worn by drivers all over the country. This endeavor is one that President and CEO of P1 Groupe, Eric Burch finds exciting, challenging, and humbling as his company was tagged for the responsibility.

    “We are very happy that Exalt Cycle chose P1 Groupe to handle distribution of their product in America” stated Burch. “We are proud that we stood out for our professionalism, marketing savvy and sales techniques during their selection process. We look forward to re-launching their line in the US, and exceeding their expectations as we create sales and brand awareness for them. The lineup of P1 Groupe race drivers will be integral in creating this exposure as an overall marketing alliance created via their fan following and exposure during race events nationally.”

    Andrea Trevisol, Exalt Cycle General Manager comments “I strongly believe in the synergy with P1 Groupe: We established a partnership which will help us to reintroduce the brand in the U.S market with innovative and creative communication in the eyewear scenario in line with our XY DNA! I’m personally impressed with Eric Burch’s capability to understand how to present Exalt Cycle collection to the best U.S optician. This, together with the strong managerial ability makes P1 the perfect partner. Exalt Cycle is one of the few true lifestyle brands in the world and with passion, energy and innovation capability, we can build together a successful positioning, providing the brand the value and role it deserves”.

    The relationship between Exalt Cycle and P1 Groupe has already generated a great deal of buzz at last month’s International Vision Expo in New York City. A number of buyers,  professionals in the industry and fans alike expressed their excitement for the re-launching of Exalt Cycle in the States. The process between the two companies begins now. Look for Exalt Cycle and P1 Groupe to make splash here soon!

    About Exalt Cycle:

    Exalt Cycle is the expression of a contemporary lifestyle, symbolic of belonging to an exclusive and selective world. XY chromosomes, not just as a decorative feature but as a central element around which the architecture of each model is developed, a unique visual element that has a strong impact. Design, comfort and technology are the three founding principles for Exalt Cycle’s positioning in their market.

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  • Is Matt Bell Today’s Version of Mark Donahue?

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    On May 8, 2012 • By

    Mark Donahue and Matt Bell started their professional racing careers at age 22, both possessing engineering backgrounds, and both running the No. 6 Sunoco Camaro. There are many parallels between the late, great Mark Donohue and sports car pro-driver Matt Bell. Donahue put Camaro racecars on the map in Trans-AM, and Bell put Camaro on the map again in Grand-AM, after a 30-year hiatus.

    Matt Bell quickly began making a name for himself as both a driver and an articulate engineer. The ability to put a racecar at the front of a grid, among the best drivers and teams in the sport, showcases many attributes. Matt has an innate ability to understand exactly what a racecar is doing and engineer a setup from the driver’s seat. Having established his reputation in BMW’s, it was driving the famed No. 6 Sunoco Camaro in Grand-AM, which caught rival team’s notice.

    Bell has driven for some of the great teams in sports cars today. Daytona Prototype team owners, Kevin Doran and Michael Shank, both team winners of the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona, have campaigned cars with Bell driving. Bell impressed both owners with his knowledge, feedback and engineering prowess, particularly unusual in a young professional. Bell currently drives Stevenson Motorsport’s (factory) Camaro, in the Continental Sports Car Challenge and in the Rolex GT Series. Bell also holds a NASCAR Nationwide Series competition license for road courses.

    Bell, who creates engineering projects in his spare time, has multiple patents on parts he’s designed. The final story has yet to be written as a promising career, with interesting parallels to one of the all-time greats, continues to unfold.

    Orignal Post Date: May 7, 2012


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