Doering Fleet Management partners with P1 Groupe to introduce DreamLease

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P1 Groupe is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Doering Fleet Management to introduce a new exotic car lease program called DreamLease.  The new program allows for new and used exotics to be leased with flexible lease structure, and we’ll assist in working with the dealer/seller, and can arrange transportation, registration and financing!

DreamLease allows you to pick the car you want, options on open-end or closed-end lease options, for business or personal use, and many more. There are sales tax and income tax benefits in most cases, in addition to sale and leaseback options available.

“I couldn’t be happier than to partner with a brand like Doering to launch this exciting new program.” Eric Burch, President of P1 Groupe, Inc. continues; “This package will allow P1 a greater opportunity to provide the high level of service our clientele have come to expect, but on a much more personal level with their new or used exotic road car.  Coming from a motor sports background gives us a unique perspective and reach to ensure that our clients receive the next level of service available.”

Adam Berger, President of Doering Fleet Managements states; “We are thrilled to premiere DreamLease by Doering with a strong partnership with P1 Groupe’s luxury, exotic, and racing heritage.  Doering’s was founded in 1989, serving businesses and individuals across the United States who desire the best – service, experience, and lease products.  Doering has leased luxury and exotic vehicles for years.  DreamLease was born from our corporate DNA with the goal of focusing on highline and exotic vehicle leasing – new and used.”

Most people believe you can’t lease used vehicles, but we can.  Most also believe you can’t lease under your own terms, our programs are designed around your needs, not ours.  DreamLease writes leases from 12-72 months under a variety of lease structures. Eric Burch and the DreamLease team work seamlessly together to provide used exotic and luxury vehicle leasing services.

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Media Inquiries: Eric Burch/P1 Groupe: eric@p1groupe or Adam Berger/Doering:

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June 10, 2020

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