P1 Groupe and Racers360 Partner to Provide New Racecar Owners Personalized Coaching

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P1 Groupe is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Racers360 to provide a trial coaching package with each racecar sold via P1 Corsa; which is P1 Groupe’s race asset sales arm.  This program will allow new racecar buyers the unique opportunity to receive personalized coaching from some of the biggest names in the sport today.  P1 will provide a 3-session trial package at no additional cost to those purchasing racecars.  So often a buyer is stepping up to a larger or faster racecar, or new to the sport, and with the coaching Racers360 provides will limit the learning curve for those car buyers.

“At P1, we’re always looking for ways to improve the racing and purchasing experience for our clientele.” P1 Groupe President Eric Burch continues; “With the proper training at their disposal, not only will the driver be up to speed faster, providing more enjoyment of their new asset, but they’ll do so in a much safer manner. P1 has had a relationship with Racer360’s Founder, Dion von Moltke for more than a decade and couldn’t be happier than to continue that forward.”

Dion von Moltke, President and Co-Founder of Racers360 states; “At Racers360 we know deeply how important it is for a driver to find the right car for them. However, getting good advice, and then searching for and buying or selling cars that you know are quality is something that has historically been very difficult in this sport. That is why we are so excited to partner up with the team at P1 Corsa to help drivers sell their cars and find their next racecar.  To be able to structure this partnership in such a unique way so that when you purchase your new racecar you will get Races360 personalized coaching sessions included in that purchase to help you learn, and get the most out of your new car is just so cool!”

Another aspect that is unique to this partnership is that P1 and Racers360 do not target just one discipline within the sport. Whether you are looking for your next GT, Prototype, Open Wheel, or even stock car, both P1 and Racers360 has you covered!

For more information, visit: www.p1corsa.com or www.racers360.com

For media Inquiries: Eric Burch/P1 Groupe: eric@p1groupe or Dion von Moltke: dion@racers360.com

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September 25, 2020

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