P1 Groupe Partners with Dallara USA

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P1 Groupe is proud to announce a new strategic partnership with Dallara USA.  P1’s driver clients will be able to purchase time on Dallara’s Professional D3 Driving Simulator, which is specifically designed for GT drivers to aid as a driver training tool.  The simulator has a full immersion, 180 degree, 12-megapixel screen, 3,500-watt surround sound and real GT monocoque with necessary controls and features that can generate up to 2.5 G-Froces at peak acceleration.  The Dallara Simulator delivers a unique learning experience that allows you to fine tune your driving skills like no other.

You’ll be driving a generic GT chassis mockup, similar to what you’d drive in the real world, with similar driver controls (pedals, brake bias, dash, etc.) complimentary to the level of feedback (steering and brake effort) received. A radio-equipped helmet is available, as well as gloves, shoes and other proper attire to fit the car’s needs. You’ll learn the characteristics of the tracks in a precise environment with unprecedented accuracy. With propriety laser-scan processing technology, you will feel be able to feel the fully modeled roughness of the bumps and curbs of each track.

With over 85+ laser scanned tracks – including all IMSA coursesthe Dallara Simulator lets you prepare for qualifying and race day based on track characteristics and weather conditions for your next race! You’ll find the same data channels in the simulator as you would on the real car, but with even greater accuracy. This GT model has been validated through intense R&D methods to reduce the gap between aerodynamic results and real-life.

Whether you’re just getting started in racing, or looking to fine tune your skills as a seasoned professional, having time on a simulator of this caliber will take your driving to the next level. P1 can also walk you through the process of getting with a professional team in a professional racing series to best show off your talents behind the wheel.

Get on track with P1!

See the Dallara Simulator here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PQFw_P9k1nA

For more information, visit: www.p1corsa.com or www.p1groupe.com

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April 30, 2019

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